For Easy Reference, Enter the Date on ALL of Your Handwritten Notes

Get into the habit of writing the date next to your notes, and you may not need to bother with numbering pages or making a table of contents.

I don’t over-organize my morning pages or my capture notebooks, but I do put the date next to each entry.

Since I often use these notebooks to map out plans, record questions, and think out logistics for myself, it’s handy to be able to refer to particular entries without having to rewrite everything.

Let’s say you have a meeting with your accountant on February 27.

And let’s say a rather involved tax-related question popped into your mind the other day and you grabbed your trusty capture notebook, wrote out your thoughts and questions about it in there, and dated the entry (let’s say it was February 5 when you thought of the question).

You can drop a note to yourself in your tickler file that reminds you on the day of the meeting: “Check out note about taxes — capture notebook, Feb 5”

Very handy.

And of course, routinely putting the date on your notes is an excuse to use one of these.

I usually just stamp the day’s date on my capture notebook each morning, and let the games begin from there.

notebook page with date stamp on top, and handwritten notes under the date

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