Office Toy: Book Holders

If you regularly transform analog information into digital information by typing something into your digital files, you need a book holder. These work for loose papers, too.

A book holder keeps papers upright, so you don’t have to contort your neck, hunching over your desk.

It will also (obviously, given the name) hold the pages of a book or notebook open for you.

I use two.

folding book holder for typing, on a shelf next to large acrylic cookbook holder

The red one, a folding metal jobber that can be stored in small places, works for me most of the time, with most materials. It can hold single pieces of paper, and it can hold most books, unless they are very large.

The clear one is a cookbook holder, which takes over for larger books. And if you add a clip, the clip will keep papers from flopping over.

folding book holder holding a book open, cookbook holder with a single piece of paper attached with a clip

When you’re are at a desk a lot, physical comfort is important.

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