Pre-printed, Blank Postcards Await Your Imagination

…well, well, well!

I did an ink test for a set of pre-cut, pre-printed blank postcards. I’m testing some rubber stamps to see if this paper plays nicely with them.

It does! Check it out:

rubber stamped images on the side of a postcard pre-printed with address form

rubber stamp images on the blank side of the postcard

Because product lines shift so quickly, I’m not giving a specific brand recommendation, but if you want to order blank postcards you can use rubber stamps on*, you’re looking for:

  • a standard postcard size, which is an acceptable sacrifice unto the postal gods where you live (these are 4” x 6” cards)
  • heavy card stock paper (these are 14PT heavy duty un-coated card stock)
  • assurance of an art-friendly, ink-friendly finish to the paper. Check out reviews and marketing text to see if people are using the brand for children’s art — how does it take watercolor paint, how does it take ink? (Contrast this to a photo postcard you find in a tourist shop: the photo side is glossy, and only the writing side is ink-friendly.)

I got these online, by searching for ‘make your own postcards.’

Now I just need to pull out my canonical address book and see who I’ll mail this to.

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* Of course, if you can rubber stamp something, you can also draw on it, use fountain pen ink on it, or paint on it. So many entertaining options.


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