More on Custom Rubber Stamps

Custom rubber stamps feel right at home in analog offices.

Some of them also like to mark up paper sheet music.

My husband got himself this self-inking fretboard stamp:

a grid-like image marks a piece of paper, with the rubber stamp that made the mark, placed next to it

He said the thick line at the top is the nut, the vertical lines are the strings, the horizontal lines are the frets; and then you can diagram the placement of your fingers, as you work out how to play the notes.

“Guitar people,” he said, “will know what this means.”

I only play the stereo, myself.

This fretboard grid stamp reminds me of the habit tracker and calendar grid stamps marketed to bullet journal users.

If you find yourself repeatedly drawing a grid or diagram of some kind, you might consider making it into a stamp.

Apropos of none of this, I got this lovely chicken stamp for Christmas:

two stamped images of a detailed drawing of a hen with barred feathers

She looks like a barred Plymouth Rock hen.

Chicken people will know what this means.

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