Note to Self: Over-organizing Is a Great Way to Procrastinate

Over-organizing is a great way to procrastinate.

It gives your anxiety the sense that it is doing something useful, when you are just avoiding something that is emotionally or intellectually harder (“you” in this case meaning me, and possibly, you, too?).

Sometimes it is useful for me to remind myself of what I am not.

So. What am I not?

  • I am not an archivist.
  • I am not a professional indexer.
  • I am not making notes for legal documents.
  • I am not drawing up plans for D-Day.

For 99.9999999% of my notes, lists, notebooks, drafts, files… simple is better than complex, and done is better than perfect.

If I can reliably find my stuff and figure out later on what I meant when I wrote it, that’s all I need.


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