Office Toy: The Silver Sharpie Pen

Many useful plastic, metal, and fabric objects are made in dark colors, often black.*

Silver Sharpie pens are perfect to label these things.

Dark-colored things we’ve labelled with a silver Sharpie include:

  • my husband’s black metal music stand (which looks like everyone else’s black metal music stand)
  • remotes
  • fabric padded laptop cases (whose is it? which device fits in it best?)
  • notebook spines
  • bird disambiguation books **

black notebook cover with the title bird book handwritten in silver ink

To my eye, the silver shows up best; but if you prefer gold or copper, those work too. Sadly, no Sharpie pens in rose-gold; which I would totally use in place of the silver. But maybe its moment is over.

set of three sharpie metallic ink pens, in silver, gold, and bronze


* I remember the 80s vividly because they had colors back then. (Vivid ones!) Since 9-11, everything in the U.S. manufactured for adults that is not sold in millennial pink or rose-gold has been marketed as “tactical,” which means it is black. Which means a metallic Sharpie pen works great for writing on many objects these days.

** My bird disambiguation book is where I write and draw things I want to remember about birds. Such as: “Herons include egrets: Egrets are all herons, but not all herons are egrets.” (p. 20) There might be a limerick in there somewhere.

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