Reasons Why I Love My Landline

  • Marketers, u can’t text this.
  • Nobody has to charge it.
  • No pop-up notifications. And if I unplug it, nothing at all.
  • I can celebrate Screen-free Saturday and still call my mom.
  • No feature creep.
  • We always know where it is.
  • It just … works.
  • It has no apps to install, upgrade, uninstall, update, or pay for.
  • It shows me no ads.
  • It is immune to digital viruses.
  • It has a seemingly infinite voice message box (gotta delete some of those, someday…)
  • No forced upgrade$. I haven’t replaced the basic equipment in many years.
  • I can turn off the ringer.
  • I can turn on the ringer, and turn off my smartphone.
  • It’s the one number we all know. One number, to rule them all.
  • I don’t have to give anyone my cell phone number.
  • When I do have to give out a phone number, and I give this one, it cuts down on the volume of unsolicited communications, because most people don’t talk on phones anymore.
  • But if you did want to talk on the phone, it’s more comfortable to use than a cell phone.

And for my sister, the teacher, who installed an old (working!) Bakelite rotary dial wall phone like this one at her house to flummox her kids’ friends… it’s a source of ongoing entertainment.

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