Office Toy: the File Jacket

Problem: You’ve got a little flurry of randomly-sized papers related to an upcoming project or event. You don’t want to lose the papers. You want to keep them together; without getting them mixed up with other papers. Some of them might fall out if you put them in a regular folder. And you don’t want to just stack them on your desk.

a pile of variously sized papers related to an event including a ticket, a post-it note with a telephone number, a map, and a handwritten note

Solution: the File Jacket.

pile of papers now stored together in a semi-transparent plastic pocket folder

A file jacket is a file folder with three of its sides sealed shut, so it works like a giant pocket for papers. File jackets are usually made of more durable material than what’s used for regular file folders. They’re made of plastic, or sometimes heavy-duty card stock.

You can re-use file jackets. A lot.

overhead view of a woman's hand holding the file pocket open to see all the papers tucked inside

Awww… don’t those little random papers look cute, all snuggled together in there?

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