Office Toy: the Security Stamp

A security stamp blacks out printed information.

Why would we want to do that? Isn’t that censorship?

Am I a redactionist? (A reductionist? A reductionist-redactor?) Or am I Austin Kleon?

Nope! I’m not Austin Kleon, and I’m not a reductionist either, but I do redact things occasionally. If it’s on paper, I do it with this nifty stamp.

I’m also a person who hates feeding papers into those little dinky yet expen$ive home shredders that break every year even when you are mostly careful.

I hate shredders so much I got rid of ours. Once or twice a year we take a bag to a local records shredding company. But you pay by the pound to shred papers; and I am also sometimes frugal.

Enter the security stamp. If you have a paper with, say, a single account number that you’d rather not have circulating, use the security stamp to obscure the number.

And then you can make a redacted paper airplane out of that, and sail it right into your reductionist recycle bin.

Much cheaper and far less irritating than shredding papers, or paying someone else to shred them.

a rubber stamp lying on its side next to a paper with a series of numbers that the rubber stamp's pattern has now hidden

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